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Hello, my dear animal lovers

About Author PageMy name is Rafael Wilson, and my blog is dedicated to the pet ferrets, their behavior, animal management, and care. Yes, I actually have a ferret, his name if Goof. He is so smart, playful and cool. I love playing with my small and pretty pet.

However, ferret is an exotic pet that requires special care. How to provide and guarantee it? How to make sure that your delicate and domesticated pet that is intelligent, but still a bit rapacious by nature, feels comfortable within the cage and just at home?

Now I know a lot of things about it and I am striving for sharing my experience with you, telling you everything about the pet ferrets.

Why Do I Keep this Blog?

my ferret

Actually, I live in Wichita, KS, in a modern apartment. I was always interested in small, exotic pets like ferrets. However, when I was a child, I was thinking a lot about the animals’ behavior, their management and the housing conditions that are necessary or essential for them. I wondered if the ferrets can live in an apartments and feel good, what they eat and if they feel vulnerable, running on the floor.

Now, I am an owner of a small, but quite prosperous pet shop. Having got the proper education, as a zoologist, I can help you to solve any challenging issues that are attributed to your amazing ferrets. Do you feel puzzled or daunted by the feeding aspects, the cage dimensions or compatibility of the ferrets with the other pets, for example, cats or dogs? You will find the answers on the pages of this blog, and I will try to make it the most complete, interesting and informative.

How to Look After Your Ferret?

Quite naturally, some banner ads are available on the website, as I don’t mind making money from blogging. However, I recommend you only the products and accessories I know, that are tested and proven by experts. I am starting this blog just to help you with your hesitations about your pets. My articles are based on:

  • my personal experience with Goof and the other pets;
  • my professional experience;
  • official science;
  • my educational background;
  • opinions of experts;
  • existing reviews and online articles.

So, just read my blog, enjoy it and ask the questions, if you realize some lack of information. I will be happy to answer all your inquiries asap, and I hope that this blog helps you and your smart, little ferrets!