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Full Guide To Choosing The Best Litter For Ferrets

Or how to make a living of your pet ferret comfortable

best litter for ferrets reviewsEvery ferret owner wishes to provide his pet with the most comfortable living conditions. Litter is one of the important constituents of a happy ferret existence, so it is necessary to choose the best litter for ferrets.

It plays a very important role not only in eliminating the odor but also in the safety of the pet. The animal does not require much bedding but its quality plays a very significant role. Good litter for ferrets is made from recycled paper, corn and wheat, pine or sawdust.

Let’s look through 5 best examples of ferret litter to find the most suitable bedding for these cute pets. In addition, you will get answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning ferret bedding and learn how to make their living in your home more comfortable and safer.

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Top Litter For Ferrets in 2020

#1. Fresh News Paper Litter
  • Size - 10 Lt
  • Material - Recycled paper
  • Odor control - Yes
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#2. Kaytee Litter
  • Size - 8 and 16 pounds
  • Material - Bentonite
  • Odor control - Yes
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#3. Marshall Ferret Litter
  • Size - 10, 18 and 50 pounds
  • Material - Recycled paper
  • Odor control - Yes
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#4. Purina Yesterday's News
  • Size - 13.2, 26.4, 30 and 5 Lb
  • Material - Recycled paper
  • Odor control - Yes
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#5. Carefresh Complete
  • Size - 50 Lt / 8.5 pounds
  • Material - Recycled paper
  • Odor control - Yes
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1. Fresh News Paper Small Animal Litter – The best odor control litter

odor control litter reviewsDo ferrets need bedding? Undoubtedly, they need a quality litter to cover their cage bottom. This is a small litter for ferrets and other home pets are one of the best offered in the market. The litter for ferrets is made from recycled biodegradable paper@ that decreases the amount of waste and saves trees. It features Ammonia Locker Technology for eliminating an unpleasant odor and make the ferret habitat look tidy and feel fresh.

Manufactured in the USA the bedding contains baking soda in combination with odor locking pellets to guarantee excellent absorbency without unpleasant smells. The ferret litter is absolutely dust-free and non-allergenic as well.

  • Dust-free;
  • Absorbent;
  • Easy to use;
  • Small in size;
  • Odor locking technology;
  • Recyclable.
  • A bag is rather small;
  • Can be toxic to other animals as contains soda.

Common Representation

What makes this ferret litter great is its small size. Made from the recyclable and safe paper it will be a good choice for many small-sized pets. Forget about disgusting urine odor thanks to the unique locking technology of the bedding.

2. Kaytee Small Animal Potty Training Litter – Effective ferret litter substitute for potty training

litter training your ferret reviewsAs it is understandable from the name it is not necessary to look for ways how to potty train a ferret with this litter. It is a unique sanitary solution made from 100% bentonite – a clay formed from volcanic ash. The last one is safe natural material based on minerals and has excellent absorbency up to 10 its weight. Critter litter for ferrets absorbs urine on contact and neutralizes its odor.

This ferret litter allows training your pet to use a pan and decrease the number of cage cleanups by 30%. The bedding is also low in dust.

The litter for ferrets is sold in the packs of 8 and 16 pounds and has a resealable for comfortable storage.

  • Low in the dust;
  • Made from natural materials;
  • Nice absorbency;
  • Neutralizes odor;
  • Meant for potty training;
  • Reduces the number of regular cage cleaning.
  • Gets heavy when wet;
  • Must be replaced often.

Common Presentation

Many pet owners have a problem with training their animals to use the litter box. You can get best ferret litter box, but it is very important to fill it with a good litter. This Kaytee litter for ferrets was created with the goal to help ferret owners to potty train their pets. Made from natural volcanic ash it does its job perfectly.

3. Marshall Ferret Litter – Best ferret litter for odor control

marshall ferret litter for odor control reviewsIt is not easy to choose a quality ferret cage bedding but this product from Marshall will exceed your expectations. This is a premium litter for ferrets that is produced in the bags of 10, 18 and 50 pounds.

The ferret litter is made from natural paper fibers to cover the bottom of the cage where a ferret lives. In addition, there are special odor control ingredients added for neutralizing unpleasant smells.

The litter for ferrets is safe and does not provoke allergies. Being one of the best examples of ferret litter it does not contain dust to prevent any problems with the pet respiratory system.

This bedding is safe for the environment being fully recyclable and biodegradable. It has excellent absorbency and will make it easier to cope with litter training ferrets.

  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Safe;
  • Neutralizes odor;
  • Dust-free;
  • Produced in the USA;
  • Great absorbency.
  • The biggest pack might have some dust;
  • Includes tiny pieces of recycled plastic.

Overall Impression

Marshall litter for ferrets, cats, rabbits and other pets is considered one of the best ones. It is recyclable so does not have any negative impact on the environment and copes with its main task of absorbing urine well. In addition, this bedding neutralizes bad smells.

4. Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Paper Cat Litter – Better cat litter for ferrets

cat litter for ferrets reviewsThere is hardly any better bedding than this Purina ferret litter that was originally created for cats. The cat litter for ferrets is made from eco-friendly recyclable paper. It is very gentle for the cat and ferret paws and has no small particles to fall off the ferret litter pan.

The exclusive bedding formula neutralizes a bad odor and is absolutely free of dust. It does not include any additional fragrance or chemicals making it safe for pets.

This litter for ferrets is non-clumping and 3-times more absorbent than traditional clay litter. It is lightweight and recommended even for newborn pets.

  • Easy to clean;
  • Safe and fragrance-free;
  • Absorbent;
  • Odor control formula;
  • Dust-free;
  • Hard.
  • When pellets get wet they fall apart;
  • Difficult to scoop a poop.

General Representation

You should not doubt and ask ‘can ferrets use cat litter?’ as the answer is naturally. Both these pets require natural odor trapping litter and Purina unscented product is definitely great. Free from chemicals and fragrance the litter for ferrets is safe and easy to use as well as highly absorbent.

5. Carefresh Complete Natural Paper Bedding for Small Animals – Excellent bedding for ferrets

best bedding for ferrets or litterWhat makes a good litter for ferrets? Carefresh company has found the answer to this question and created a wonderful bedding litter for ferrets.

The first thing that differs it from other pellets is color. The bedding is purely white and is sold in the bag that includes 50 Lt of dry litter.

Unlike wood stove pellets for ferret litter, it is made from natural reclaimed paper fibers that are 3 times more absorbent. Another benefit of this ferret litter is absolutely dust-free cleaning. The bedding does not fall apart under the influence of moisture and does not stick to the habitat.

But the feature that makes this litter for ferrets outstanding is a unique odor stop formula that allows preventing the smell for up to 10 days. It suppresses ammonia odor in a litter to remain clean and fresh within a long period of time.

  • Dust-free;
  • 10-day odor control formula;
  • White color to spot mess easily;
  • Recyclable material;
  • Lightweight;
  • Highly absorbent.
  • Too lightweight and airy so are very messy;
  • Sometimes bad smell remains.

Overall Presentation

It is natural that paper-based bedding is not only affordable but also one of the best examples of litter for ferrets. This product is undoubtedly worth being called the leading one thanks to two exclusive features: white color and 10-day odor control. It is an outstanding litter offered in the market.

What Kind Of Litter Do You Use For Ferrets?

Not every litter for ferrets is absolutely safe for pets. That is the reason to prefer ferret litter of three main types:

  • Litter made from recycled paper;
  • Natural clumping bedding;
  • Bentonite litter.

The most affordable and reasonable choice is bedding made from natural paper fibers that are compressed into pellets. They have a nice absorbency and better odor control. Such pellets are heavy enough to remain in the litter pan or cage bottom and are dust-free. Clumping litter can be used only when it is made from corn or wheat. However, it is more expensive and can be mixed by a pet with some tasty snacks. Bentonite bedding is made from the clay formed from volcanic ash. It is very absorbent and safe for ferrets but not very cheap as well.

You should avoid using clay litter as it gets sticky, wood shavings and silica-based bedding as they have a smell that can damage the respiratory system of ferrets, and corncob litter for being moldy and dusty.

How To Train Your Ferret To Use The Litter Box?

There are several important things to consider when you look for a way how to litter train a ferret.

  1. Choose a comfortable habitat for a ferret and analyze what corner is suitable for putting a litter pan. It should be not the one used by a ferret for eating. Observe the behavior of the pet and use that corner where it peeps most often.
  2. Purchase a litter pan.
  3. Fill the pan with 1.5 – 2 inches of ferret litter. Obtain two examples of bedding to separate the areas of living and toilet.
  4. Put feces and urine in the litter pan for a scent to encourage pets to use this area regularly.
  5. Clean the pan from solid waste every day and change the ferret litter at least once a week.
  6. Praise the ferret each time when it uses a litter pan right.
  7. Accidents outside the pan should be cleaned immediately not to encourage a pet to use this area again.

Can I Use Cat Litter For My Ferret?

best ferret litter for odor control reviewsCat litter can be of different types and not all of them can be used for ferrets. If to analyze all the cat litter, the most suitable litter for ferrets is one made from recycled paper. It is one of the safest examples of cat litter for ferrets as the last ones like snorkeling through the litter with their noses. Dusty bedding can get into their respiratory system and cause health issues. Paper litter is dust-free, has good absorbency and is usually made in the form of quite big pellets that do not fall off the litter pan when a ferret gets out of it.

Dusty clumping or clay litters for cats are forbidden for ferrets. It can lead not only to breathing problems but also impacted anal area. Ferrets are lower than cats and their rectum can contact with the litter that may stick to the anal area and results in infections or blockages.

Wood shavings used for cat bedding is dangerous for ferrets as they contain essential oils that can be inhaled by pets and cause lungs or esophagus problems.

How To Choose Ferret Litter

Ferret owners should remember that these pets differ from other small animals kept at home. That is why most of the products chosen for ferrets must be meant exclusively for them. Litter is among the things that should be thoroughly chosen by ferret owners. Looking for a good litter for ferrets it is important to remember several important aspects.
  1. The litter pack should indicate that this litter is produced for ferrets. It can be only ferreted litter or one used for different small pets.
  2. The bedding should not be used after the expiration date.
  3. Buy litter that is absolutely dust-free.
  4. It is nice if the ferret litter has an odor control.
  5. Avoid fragrant litter or one with natural oils or chemicals to prevent health problems.
  6. Stop using ferret litter if the pet starts eating it.
  7. To find the best ferret litter, try several examples to see which one is preferred by the pet the most.

The Best Litter For Ferrets Conclusions And Recommendations

Ferrets are very popular animals chosen by people for the role of a home pet. They are cute and smart but need to be taken care of as any other creature. It means that they require not only special food but also many other things to make their life with people comfortable. Ferret litter is among these things too. Choose the best litter for ferrets from top rated manufacturers to guarantee your pet a happy and safe life.

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  • I couldn’t agree more, I’ve been using Marshall’s Ferret Litter for years and they have yet to fail me. It keeps all the odors locked away in the litter and allows my house to always smell clean. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to minimize ferret odors.

  • It is essential to make the living conditions for your ferret nice or else they may end up acting up and making a mess. Regardless, you should make sure you have fresh litter in your ferrets cage frequently as it will minimize potential odors.

  • I have a random question, but I haven’t bought a ferret yet; although, I’ve been considering getting one. Do ferrets need to be potty trained like dogs or cats… or do you simply let them roam free in their cage? Would love to know more information on this. Thanks!