Best Treats for Ferrets

Increasingly, people are raising ferrets at home as pets. Yes, they are playful and funny animals. But they need attention and, of course, care. Very often, pet owners ask themselves, what do ferrets like to feast on, right? Funny animals love to play but also love to eat well. Caretakers of such pets should follow a balanced diet to maintain the health and long life of the animal. The modern market offers many products, delicacies that will add pleasure and useful vitamins to the creature. However, we need to know what food additives are contained in different packages, what to look for when buying, and much more. We have selected for you the top-5 best treats for ferrets, with high ratings.

TOP 5 Ferret Treats Chart in 2022

#1. Marshall Ferret Treats Pack
  • 1 pound of weight
  • Five types of taste
  • In the form of pieces
  • Dry, chewable
Editor’s Choice
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#2. N-Bone Grain Free Ferret Treats
  • 17 pounds of weight
  • The taste of chicken
  • In the form of sticks, hearts
  • Soft, chewy
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#3. Stewart Freeze-Dried Treats
  • 13 pounds of weight
  • Liver taste
  • In the form of pieces
  • Frozen, dry
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#4. Wysong Dream Treats Raw Food
  • 3 pounds of weight
  • Raw chicken meat
  • Large enough pieces
  • Frozen, raw
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#5. Kaytee Fiesta Ferret Food
  • 5 pounds of weight
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Colorful small pieces
  • Soft, chewy
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Marshall Bandits Premium Ferret Treats Pack – Delicacies for Different Tastes

Marshall Bandits Premium Ferret Treats Pack Review

Marshall ferret treats have tastes of human food. And curious, mischievous animals often want to try different products from the human table, right? Treats contain a large amount of protein that is so necessary for the development and health of ferrets. The owner of the creatures can select one of 5 different flavors or buy all at once.

What to Look For?

The producers of these delicacies tried to create the maximum benefit for buyers. The package weighs only 85 grams, so it is beneficial for those trying to satisfy the animal for the first time. A big advantage is a zipper on the package, which allows you to keep the product fresh. The price of the products is affordable, and the packaging is small. Of course, your animals can be picky about individual species. However, I think it will appreciate some of the delicacies for sure.

You can choose the taste of chicken or bacon. Or try pampering the pet with banana, peanut, or raisin flavors. Ferrets like to chew, don’t they? Thus, these delicacies are intended for chewing, are soft and slightly brittle.

  • Affordable price;
  • 5 different flavors;
  • Rich in protein.
  • Very fragile;
  • Small package.

On Completion

The delicacies from the Marshall brand are of high quality. I recommend owners to buy the favorite taste for your pet. If you do not know the preferences of the animal yet, then you may try to purchase everything available. I think your pet will appreciate at least two flavors. My ferret is also very picky, but it likes 4 out of 5 flavors. So, you may pamper your pet 1-2 times a week.

N-Bone Grain Free Chicken Soft Ferret Treats – Special Food for Various Ages

N-Bone Grain Free Chicken Soft Ferret Treats Review

N-Bone treats for ferrets made in the shape of a heart or sticks. Manufacturers try to meet the needs of your pet. Thus, delicacies contain omega 3 and 6, vitamin E, Taurine, and natural chicken. These ferret chew treats do not contain grains and have an excellent effect on the development of the animal, its fur and skin, heart, brain, eyes.

Some Additional Features

These delicacies are intended for chewing. They strengthen your pet’s teeth and gums. After all, in the process of chewing, teeth are cleaned of plaque and tartar. The products contain many useful vitamins for health and are suitable for creatures of all ages. If your pet is not picky, it will love the taste and smell from the first time.

  • Contains vitamin E;
  • Does not contain grain;
  • Based on natural chicken.
  • Not for picky animals.

The Last

I can recommend this product as a multi-useful. My ferret didn’t want these treats at first. However, later I noticed that it liked the delicacies. They do not contain products harmful to your pet, but on the contrary, natural substances and vitamins. According to customer reviews, some ferrets don’t like N-Bone treats. However, I believe that not all animals have the same preferences as humans.

Stewart Freeze-Dried Treats – Excellent Protein Source

Stewart Freeze Dried Treats Review

Stewart freeze-dried treats are intended for adult males. It consists of only one ingredient. In this case, it is the turkey liver, which is also part of the human diet. Besides, you can buy other flavors from this manufacturer. I think that among the eight species, you can choose the right taste for your pet.

General Features

Freeze-dried ferret treats consist of only the most useful substances and contains protein in a single form. Therefore, you can include the product in the diet of your pet ferret. This food does not have any other additives, grains, and gluten. You will be able to pamper your pet with these delicacies in the process of learning, litter training, or other workouts.

  • Suitable for training;
  • Does not contain grain;
  • One protein ingredient.
  • Not specialized for ferrets;
  • Only for adults;
  • Accentuated for dogs.


These treats from Stewart are time-tested and maintain the health and excellent obedience of your playful friends. I do not recommend pampering your ferret with products not intended for this animal. Or try to do it very rarely. I think the best solution is to buy treats specifically for your pet. But this liver product can be an additional delicacy. And I invent it will not harm your ferret in any way because it contains only one useful component without any additional ones.

Wysong Dream Treats Raw Food – Beneficial and Healthy Raw Food for Your Pet

Wysong Dream Treats Raw Food Review

Wysong treats are beneficial and delicious. Manufacturers have created the highest quality product without the addition of food dyes and fillers. So, it consists of all the necessary substances for the development and health of your pet. And you can utilize it for training. The package weighs 125 grams, and it is closed with a zipper to preserve freshness. Isn’t it wonderful?

Pay Attention to…

The name of the product suggests that even some picky animals will be satisfied. Many nutrients, vitamins, natural raw meat, and many other trace elements are part of the product. The makers process the food by modern non-thermal technologies without harmful heating. You can give Dream Treats daily to your ferret. After all, this is the raw meat that these animals love so much.

  • Without fillers and dyes;
  • The perfect components;
  • The raw meat.
  • Slightly large disk size.


I recommend this Wysong food for your pet. I believe that it is well processed and does not contain harmful substances. It can become the best cat treat for ferrets. You can take it with you for a walk, and utilize treats as a means of encouragement during training. I often buy this product for my ferret, and it is satisfied.

Kaytee Fiesta Ferret Food – Healthy Support for Teeth and Gums

Kaytee Fiesta Ferret Food Review

Kaytee treats are suitable for feeding ferrets at home. Animals are picky, and not every ferret will eat everything the owner gives. This product can be an extra treat for your little pet. It consists of many probiotics and microelements that support animals’ immunity. These delicacies are created for chewing, which positively affects the teeth and gums of animals.

It Is Worth Considering

Ferrets need meat with a lot of protein. And the product from Kaytee, although full of many vitamins, does not contain meat. These delicacies include grains, fruits, seeds, vegetables, and many other substances. It is designed for gourmets, and some picky ferrets may refuse to eat fruit and vegetable food instead of meat. However, it would help if you tried it. Maybe your pet will be satisfied with such delicacies.

  • Large packaging;
  • Many useful vitamins;
  • Immunity support.
  • Contains grains and fruits;
  • It isn’t balanced enough.


You should know that many ferrets can be too freakish to feed. They are much more discerning than cats. Therefore, the delicacy should please the animal both in taste and smell. Kaytee food is a suitable option for your pet. I can’t say that this product is perfect for every ferret, but my pet fell in love with it. And it has high ratings among buyers. However, remember that it contains grains and fruits. So, do not abuse such delicacies.

Best Choice
Marshall Ferret Treats Pack
Marshall Ferret Treats Pack
Delicious and nutritious food
These treats are high in protein. Not large packs with different flavors - banana, chicken, raisin, bacon, or peanut. The treats are chewy and strengthen teeth and gums. This food has an excellent effect on the health, well-being, and playfulness of ferrets.
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Buyer’s Guide: How not to Be Mistaken With the Choice of Ferret Treats?

Proper nutrition is the main condition for keeping ferrets. The development and health depend on food. Many novice owners wonder about the basic question, what do animals want to eat? Of course, a healthy ferret eats various foods, but meat is the tastiest delicacy because ferrets are predators. I don’t think they need any extra treats. Ferrets should have enough of their meat diet. But I want to give you some advice on choosing the right treats for those who have decided to pamper their pet.

Mistakes of Inexperienced Owners

Often inexperienced pet owners make a lot of mistakes. Some equate a ferret to a rodent starting grain feed. However, the ferret is a predator that wants meat. And a variety of vegetables, grains, which you consider good delicacies, can harm the animal. One of the mistakes is feeding the ferret as a dog, cat, etc. Ferret has its regime and eats small portions 7 times a day. So, before you take a new pet, read the reference books. Experience and expert advice will help not to harm the animal.

Homemade Ferret Food Vs. Dry Ready Nutriment

How to Make Homemade Ferret Food

Ferrets need a healthy and balanced diet. Therefore, people often cannot decide which is better: natural homemade food or ready-made dry treats. Of course, such nutrition is somewhat different. The healthiest ferret food must have all the necessary vitamins for the normal development and existence of the animal.

Proponents of homemade food have invented recipes for specialty porridge. This solution is more economical. You can cook a large portion and freeze pieces for multiple uses. Concerning dry food, it has all the necessary substances for the life of the animal. Feeding such products saves a lot of time for the owners. However, both options have pluses and drawbacks.

Feeding with Natural Products

Natural food is good for both humans and animals. Poultry is a staple in the diet. I use raw meat, and I advise you too. As I see, it is the most delicious treat for my pet. I believe that there is no better delicacy than meat for these animals. However, if you want to entertain your pet, take kidneys, liver, eggs, etc. It can become additional delicacies. The best natural treats are little creatures such as mice, small chickens, and so on. However, I haven’t met people who can allow such a luxury for a pet. After all, it is even difficult to imagine an animal in the blood from food, and then washing it, which is not desirable very often.

When preparing the home treats for your pet, you cannot guess the proportion of essential vitamins. This act is bad because the ferret’s diet should consist of 30-40 percent of protein, 30% fat, and 3% fiber. Foods should not contain carbohydrates, as animals cannot digest them. You should not also forget about a variety of additional mineral supplements and vitamins. So, as you can see, natural food and preparation require more time, effort, and understanding.

Selection of Made Ready Feeds

If you have bought a ferret and do not yet know all the rules of care and feeding, then dry nutrition will be the perfect food. Markets offer many ready-made feeds for a variety of animals, including ferrets. Treats contain all the necessary substances and minerals. You can buy 8 in 1 ferret treats and pamper your cheerful friend. This food is a great relief for pet owners. However, many researchers believe that it is still necessary to combine such food with natural. Ferrets are predators, and they sometimes want to indulge in raw meat products. If you are an avid fan of dry food, try to choose high-quality products, premium classes, and rated manufacturers. I would advise you to buy various treats for different tastes since these creatures are quite picky.

Human and Cat Treats

Best cat treats for ferrets

Many issues are related to a cat or human food. Is wet cat food for ferrets not harmful? I also initially doubted this issue. However, later, I checked several sources and learned that this food is permissible for animals. It is full of all the necessary vitamins and minerals that ferrets need. I noticed that my pet is very fond of such food. However, I want to emphasize that you better choose treats designed for small kittens or pregnant cats. They contain all the necessary mineral supplements that are suitable for ferrets.

As for human food, there are several products that ferrets can also eat. These include poultry, some sea fish, a boiled egg, and small pieces of banana, pear, or melon. Sometimes, I give to eat a little bit of beef or lamb. However, you should pamper your pet wisely and do not overfeed.


Can Ferrets Eat Cat Treats?

Many people with a kitten and a ferret in the same house are interested in this question. Of course, animals are very similar, both in appearance and in nature. So, you can purchase cat treats for ferrets. It can be a good alternative. According to research by Iowa State University, ferrets can eat dry cat food. This diet will meet the needs of the animal completely, supplement it with vitamins. And also, such food is very chopped up by ferrets. Scientists recommend adding boiled meat to such dry food.

However, I advise you not to pamper your pet with such food too often. Of course, ready-made cat food is enriched with protein, fruits, vegetables, and other vitamins necessary for the health of the animal. I recommend you to buy treats for kittens. It has more nutrients. If you have the opportunity to purchase food for ferrets, then take it. Utilize cat nutrition only when there are no other options.

How to Make Homemade Ferret Treats?

Everyone may find many recipes and products for feeding the ferret. It includes a variety of cereals with meat. So, you first need to boil chicken necks or stomach. Chop the finished boiled product in a meat grinder. Then add the porridge. I always use oatmeal or buckwheat. It is best for young pets. When everything is cooked and ready, I divide it into pieces of the required size and freeze. However, remember that ferrets need more vitamins, so after thawing, I add specialized vitamins to this porridge. I also often boil eggs and chop them. You can freeze extra pieces and save time in the future.

Can Ferrets Eat Bacon?

Most people love bacon, don't they? Similarly, animals such as dog, cat, and ferret love bacon. You can sometimes enjoy such a product. However, I will tell you honestly that it is not the good treats for ferrets. It is prepared using spices and many preservatives. Bacon is harmful to both humans and animals. Of course, it is delicious, but you understand that delicious does not always mean useful. You have to decide for yourself, and don't forget to consider the future health of your pet. Therefore, bacon is not a prohibited product for ferrets. But the abuse of such food can significantly affect the health of the animal.

What Shouldn't I Let Ferrets Eat?

Ferrets find it very difficult to digest some foods. There is even food that they will not be able to digest at all. So, you should know which foods should not be given to pets. Although creatures are carnivores, they can harm themselves by eating boiled unpolished bones from fish and meat. Also, avoid raw vegetables, such as carrots and carbohydrate products. Never feed animals with bread, cakes, and similar grain human delicacies. Forget about chocolate or caffeine. These products are contraindicated for ferrets. Also, avoid eating grapes or dairy foodstuffs.

Can I Give Ferrets Human Treats?

Ferrets are curious animals, and they can taste everything we eat. However, they are carnivorous, not herbivorous. Protein should make up most of the animal feed. Thus, eggs and meat are the most suitable ferret snacks. Other human food is undesirable for animal nutrition. They will not properly digest vegetables and some fruits, chips, ice cream or dairy products, etc. Therefore, most human food will adversely affect the digestion and health of your pet. I would not recommend giving it foods if you are not sure in the composition so as not to harm the creature. Especially, nowadays you can find many types of specialized food for your animals.

What Treats Are Most Delicious for Ferrets?

If you are a ferret owner, then you probably know that these animals are carnivores. Thus, the meat itself is the best delicacy for them. I often give raw chicken and turkey. Boiled bones become tough and can cause damage, get stuck in the throat. Therefore, it is better to grind them in a meat grinder. Sometimes, you can give a boiled egg. Animals also love this food. If you have kittens, then you can feed the ferret with their meal. Kittens eat a lot of meat protein. But it is better to buy ready-made pet food.


Ferrets are amusing animals. You enjoy playing with them and having fun. However, like all other pets, they need maximum care. The same goes for their diet. Animals are carnivores and should eat foods full of protein. The modern market offers many specialized products. So, everyone can find foodstuffs and treats for training activities and health.

If you feed the animals wisely, including liver, meat, eggs, dry specialty foods, then you do not have to add other vitamins. However, also avoid foods that can harm your pet. Cancel grains, sugar, vegetables, dairy products, etc. Of course, ferrets love sweets, but I do not advise indulging them in such delicacies. It is better to review ferret treats recipes and prepare healthy and wholesome food for your pet.

Rafael Wilson

Hello, I’m Rafael. First of all, I would like to introduce my lovely pet ferret to you. His name is Goof. He is very smart and playful. Are you going to get a ferret too? Let’s discuss the pets’ needs. Which food and housing conditions are essential? Just read my blog and find the answers.

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    there is no doubt you love your baby but I can’t agree with your top treats for ferrets. I am a mom of 4 furry babies for many years and I am not expert but I would never give them anything from Marshall company, and reviews of these products on Amazon have no value to me even I shop in this place a lot. I believe ferrets love these treats but please, consider to change this option. I saw the dry food from Marshall has a great review and I don’t understand why because that’s not a good choice at all. I know always be something unhealthy in the processed food or treats but this company is really bad. I don’t want to be mean, I think your post is great to help other ferrants. I just don’t want to make a bad decision in treats for our beloved furry kids.