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Can Ferrets Eat Carrots?

Do you like carrots? I think, most people do. The vegetables are rich in vitamins A, K1, B1 and B6. They are beneficial for human eyes, heart, digestion, and brain. So, can ferrets eat carrots? You may wonder it because you worry about your cherished pet’s health. Can your lovely predator get the same benefits people usually do? Let’s make the question completely clear.

What Would Ferrets Eat in the Wild?

can ferrets eat carrots

Large pets, like cats and dogs, are to get at least a small amount of the vegetables. They improve the pets’ vision and digestion. Carrots are essential as a great source of vitamin A. However, cats and dogs are omnivores. The pets that are herbivores like rabbits or mice, as well as birds, are to take vegetables for sure.

But still, what do ferrets eat in the wild? Ferrets should never eat carrots. They are strict omnivores. Being predators, wild ferrets eat only the small animals, amphibians and reptiles, like:

  1. Rabbits.
  2. Frogs.
  3. Rats.
  4. Snakes.
  5. Birds.
  6. Voles.

Do you breed poultry? Your fluffy ferret can easily catch a chick, kill it and enjoy his or her meal. Can ferrets eat apples? Commonly they don’t. Only some fruits and grain that were consumed by the birds are consumed. The stomach content of the prey can be considered edible. In most cases, it’s discarded.

Meanwhile, the poor bird is gobbled up together with bones, feathers, and skin. What a terrible thing for the chickens! However, it’s completely healthy for your predatory pet. Do you doubt it? Let’s try to cover the points.

What Do Ferrets Eat?

what do ferrets eat for treats

91% of the wild ferrets’ diet make prairie dogs. The population of the animals declined. Therefore, the ferrets are also endangered nowadays. They are saved, being bred in captivity. So, your pet ferret looks like its black-footed cousins. The behavior is also similar. It’s playful, sometimes aggressive and fighting.

As to the diet, it is to be suitable for carnivores. The best ferret food is to include bones, organs and fat. Whole-prey model is highly recommended. It’s based on:

  • meaty bones;
  • organs;
  • flesh, muscle, and fat.

Quite naturally, daily portions are small. For example, Goof commonly consumes about 1.8 oz. of chicken necks and wings. Muscle meat is supplied in the quantity of about 0.9 oz. Liver, heart, and kidney weigh not more 0.3 oz. Raw organs are given every day. The meat is to be fresh!

How Long Do Ferrets Live

According to the research, the ferrets’ age can be determined by their canines’ size. Quite naturally, the black-footed animals were studied. The ones that are wild. Their population is measured. Canine width is a great indicator.

FerretsAverage canine width, in.Average body mass, oz.
Male juvenile0.1332.7
Male adult0.1738.9
Female juvenile0.1225.8
Female adult0.1425.2

Wild animals are commonly heavier than captive-bred ones. For example, a domestic male juvenile weight about 26.9 oz. The average weight of an adult captive male animal is about 27.6 ounces. The pets that get the best food for ferret are to be healthier. The ones that are happier, live longer.

Unfortunately, wild ferrets live only 1-5 years. They are vulnerable to various diseases. Predators destroy animals. Coyotes, owls, and golden eagles are the most dangerous. Your lovely pet is lucky. Domesticated animals are expected to live 8-10 years. It’s their normal lifespan. The oldest record-breaker is 15.

What Do Ferrets Like to Eat?

Quite naturally, your ferret’s diet is to be based on fats and animal proteins. Stages of the pet life are to be taken into account. Thus, the key diets may be called:

  1. Juvenile.
  2. Adult.
  3. Pediatric.

Newborn ferrets are deaf. Their eyes are shut. During 34 days they are completely defenseless. The babies are white until they are 3 months old. No fur is available. Only their mother can care for the young kits. Little ferrets are breast-fed.

what human food can ferrets eat

Sexual maturity in ferrets is reached in about 6 months. However, until the age of 1 year, your pets are considered to be juvenile. Goof is still 9 months old. I wondered what could I feed my ferret other than ferret food? I asked this question to the vet. Actually, supplements are essential. They should include multivitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids.

What Can I Give My Ferret for Treats?

Adult ferrets also need vitamins and minerals. Why do they get the supplements? Vegetables and fruits are not acceptable. Your pet should not have any:

  • sugar or honey;
  • cooked bones;
  • bread;
  • corn;
  • plants;
  • dairy products.

Therefore, alternatives are to be found. The special, high-protein pellets are suitable. What human food can ferrets eat? White meat or salmon is the best. It can be cooked at home. Boil the meat or let it be or completely dried. Some olive oil is acceptable. A piece of a row or boiled egg would please your pet. However, only whites. Yolks are to be avoided. Don’t add salt or sugar!

Can Ferrets Eat Vegetables?

Of course, they don’t. As obligate carnivores, ferrets are meat eaters. Their digestive tract is short.  The food is digested every 3-4 hours. Therefore, your pet is to get a lot of meat. The ferret eats often. Some drinking water and food are to be always available.

Additionally, ferrets can’t digest:

  1. Fiber.
  2. Vegetable protein.
  3. Carbohydrates.

can ferrets eat vegetables

Can ferrets eat lettuce? They are not able to digest it. Any nutritional value is provided. Quite the opposite, this food can cause your pet health complications. The risk of digestive disorders or intestinal distress is increasing.

If your pet is 6 or older, avoid fruits and vegetable for sure. The ferret is considered geriatric already. His or her metabolism may drop. The food is to be natural and top-quality. More frequent feeding may be recommended. Prefer a meat-based diet. Grains, vegetables or fruits can cause intestinal blockage. Surgical treatment may be required.

General Conclusion and Recommendations

Can ferrets eat celery? Firstly, if somebody asks you this question, you do know what to answer. Secondly, if you don’t mind digestive disorders, it’s possible. Thirdly, and most importantly, if your cherished pet does like it. The tiny pieces of fruits or vegetables can be given as treats. How much are they? About 0.1 oz. Half of a small raisin would be nearly safe. It can be given to the ferret about once a week. However, I am sure your pet prefers raw chicken wings or necks. If your doubt, see your vet. Enable blood tests, if necessary and let the ferret be healthy!

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