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Can You Feed Ferrets Cat Food?

Are you concerned about your ferret diet? Do you want to feed your pet healthy and safe food? Sometimes you would like to save on his or her daily meal. So, can you feed ferret cat food? Which one is recommended: wet, dry or canned? Which products are suitable as treats? Let’s discover the basic details.

can you feed ferret cat food

What Do Ferrets Like to Eat?

As you already know, ferrets are carnivores. Research, conducted in 2014 confirms it. What does it mean? Quite naturally, the best ferret food is meat. Fish and eggs are also acceptable. Your lovely pets eat prey, such as rats, mice, and chicks. Bones, stomach, and fur are of no exception. This food digests well. Bones contain phosphorus and calcium, necessary for ferrets’ health. Additionally, bones offer exercise and stimulation for the animals’ jaws.

So, what cat food can ferrets eat? Quite naturally, the list includes fresh meat. For example:

  • turkey necks;
  • chicken;
  • duck;
  • beef;
  • rabbit.

Ferrets need protein to survive. Birds’ necks or scrambled eggs can be given to them as treats. At least, Goof likes meat very much. Meanwhile, vegetables and fruits are to be excluded.

Can Ferrets Eat Kitten Food?

Normally, yes. Kitten food is high in protein. Cats are strict carnivores, as well as ferrets. Both animals need taurine, vitamins A and B12. However, some plant-based components are recommended for adult cats.

What are the differences in nutrition?

Nutrition AspectsFerretsCats
Meals a day8-102-3
Daily food quantity1-2 oz.4-6 oz.
Grains (rice)-+

Ferrets have a rapid digestive system. Their intestinal tract is short and simple. Therefore, they normally can’t digest carbohydrates. Vegetables and grains are not recommended to them. Quite naturally, the best kitten food for ferrets includes natural ingredients. It’s high-protein, grain-free. It includes deboned chicken and turkey meat.

What do ferrets drink? Fresh drinking water is to be always available. What about milk? Cow’s or goat milk can cause diarrhea in ferrets. The animals are lactose intolerant. So, dairy products are to be avoided. Small amounts of lactose-free yogurt can be given as a treat.

Can Ferrets Eat Fish Cat Food?

Normally, they don’t. Commonly, it’s safe. But fish is not a normal part of ferrets’ diet. Do they eat it in the wild? Only the certain species are acceptable. For example, salmon or whitefish are edible.

Can ferrets eat tuna? This saltwater fish is rich in nutrients and proteins. It’s low in fats. Do you mean, can ferrets eat wet cat food? Feeding the ferret raw tuna is acceptable. Small amounts of fish can be given to your pet as an occasional treat. can ferrets eat fishTinned or pre-cooked tuna is harmful to ferrets. It’s high in:

  1. Cholesterol.
  2. Mercury.
  3. Lead.
  4. Cadmium.
  5. Histamine.

Even cats are fed tuna occasionally, as treats. Therefore, I don’t feed Goof fish. It’s obviously not the best ferret food for the smell! The droppings would smell terrible. If you still want to try, prepare a small piece of fish at home. I would prefer salmon. It’s rich in Omega-3 fatty acids but low in mercury.

What Cat Food Can Ferrets Eat?

Now let’s discuss dry pellets. Which ones are acceptable? Only high-quality, top-rated cat food is healthy. Meanwhile, select meat-based products. Protein content in to be not less than 32-35%. The best cat food for ferrets contains at least 20% of fat.

The first component in the list is to be chicken or any other meat. Meanwhile, soft ferret food is necessary only for very young ferrets. Dry kibbles are beneficial, as they:

  • let adult animals clean their sharp teeth;
  • contain a balanced and complete diet;
  • are stored longer;
  • crunch like chicken bones.

If you are busy, pellets are better than freeze, dried, raw ferret food. It’s a great, affordable, time-saving option. Additionally, solid foods help your pet to polish and exercise the teeth. It improves dental hygiene. Quite naturally, ferret care includes also tooth brushing. However, good cat food for ferrets is round by shape. Triangles or corners are not acceptable. They would hurt your cherished pet mouth.

Overall Impression

Do you still wonder “Can I feed my ferret cat food?” This question should not bother you anymore. Your lovely pet would definitely prefer raw meat. Whole prey diet is also suitable. If your time or budget is limited, buy top-quality, ready-made foods. Consider protein content. Avoid vegetable ingredients. Treat your cherished ferret and let your pet be healthy!

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