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Can Do Ferrets Eat Mice?

Do you like your cherished pet? It can be tamed and litter trained. Actually, ferrets have been domesticated several thousand years ago. It’s long before cats became our companions. However, can do ferrets eat mice? Raw or whole prey diet is a great option. It suits your fluffy pet. It meets her or his carnivore needs the best way. However, is it convenient for the owners? Is this option easy, affordable and time-saving? Lets’ find some apt responses.

Does Your Pet Behave like a Wild Polecat?
do ferrets eat mice

Do you think your lovely pet comes from black-footed ferrets’ family? According to the World Wildlife Organization, the predators are still available in North America. Their population is about 300 animals. They evidently differ from your cherished pet, as they:

  1. Are territorial, solitary.
  2. Prey at nighttime.
  3. Are invariably tan-colored.
  4. Live out in the wild.

As well as your cherished pet, a wild animal eating mouse is common. For example, in Smithsonian’s National Zoo, the carnivore is fed mice, rats and meat. Your ferret is similar in that respect. Do ferrets hunt mice? Domesticated animals commonly don’t. They would treat mice as toys. Some of them could kill a mouse, but not eat it. Your cherished pet obviously does not have hunting skills. Your pet only resembles black-footed carnivores. A domesticated ferret is not able to survive out in the wild. The appropriate shelter is necessary.

Hunting with Ferrets

Do you live in the country? You can use ferrets for rat control in your chicken coops. However, I think, your pet would prefer eating eggs or chicken. Can you properly train your ferret? It would be a bit difficult. Actually, Goof and me, we live in a modern apartment. So, it’s not a good idea, as for me.

Meanwhile, which species are used for hunting rabbits nowadays? The pet ferrets. They are told to be domesticated for hunting purposes, initially. This process is called “ferreting” now. It is quite popular in England. How is it done?

Ferrets are sent to the rabbits’ burrows. The animals do the job. They make rabbits leave their shelters, bolting out suddenly. Hunters shot them. Who retrieves the killed rabbits? A gun dog does it. This way, the population of pests is reduced.

So, What Do Ferrets Eat in the Wild?

ferrets in the wildAll ferret owners already know that. Polecats commonly eat:

  • mice;
  • rabbits;
  • frogs;
  • snakes;
  • birds;
  • voles.

This may not be a complete list of what ferrets eat in the wild, but certainly more!

Do ferrets eat rats? Quite naturally, they prey on rodents in the wild. Do you have a pet rat? The animals can get along. It’s possible if they were raised together. However, they should not live in the same cage. Better get a separate one.

Are Ferrets Susceptible to Parasites?

Do ferrets eat bugs? If they come across some crickets, they can eat them away. Is it dangerous? Can they get tapeworms? Is further transmission of the parasites to humans possible? According to research, the prevalence of Campylobacter is low. Farm animals are much more susceptible to zoonoses.

However, I would not recommend you let your ferret eat bugs, because:

  • it’s not healthy;
  • your pet may be poisoned by pesticides;
  • same bugs are toxic.

Additionally, I would not let Goof play in the basement or in the yard. I mean, if I lived in a private house. Ferrets like playing very much. However, it might be dangerous.

What Can a Ferret Eat?

There are several ferret nutrition models. They include:

  1. Dry kibble diet.
  2. Whole-prey feeding.
  3. Homemade food regimen.

Quite naturally, a raw diet is the best ferret food. It’s natural and healthy. What does it include? Let’s check just an example of the diet.

Food TypeExplanationPercentage, %
Fleshfat, muscle, skin, tendon75-80
Edible bonesrabbit, mouse, chicken necks, wings10-15
Organ meatliver, kidney, pancreas, heart, gizzard10

But there are simple ready-made alternative solutions for better feeding of ferrets.

Consuming bones is essential. Their shortage can cause calcium deficiency. Your pets are to get them 4 times a week, at least. Stripping only soft meat would be not sufficient. Muscles are to be given to ferrets 2 days per week. The ground eggshell powder can be added occasionally. Organ meat is an essential part of the ferret diet. It provides vitamin A and C. So, feed your pet liver not less than once a week. But don’t try too hard. Too much organ or muscle meat can cause diarrhea in ferrets.

Can You Feed Ferrets Cat Food?

It’s possible to cook some meat at home, add eggs as an occasional treat. Meanwhile, when I experience busy periods, I prefer dry kibblesJ They are left available 24/7. It’s convenient, as ferrets eat every 4 hours, or even more often.

However, select the products with high protein content. They should include:

  • meat;
  • fat;
  • fatty acids;
  • minerals like calcium and phosphorus.

Kibbles contain all the nutrients necessary for your pet. Premium kitten pellets can be suitable. But not vegetarian food. They should contain no grain or corn.

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can you feed ferrets cat food

How Much Do Frozen Mice Cost?

Now let’s try to estimate our ferret feeding budget. Do you prefer a raw diet? Variety of meat is essential. The diet for an adult pet should include beef, turkey, chicken, mutton. It would cost a fortune! Fortunately, ferrets consume very small portions of food!

Frozen mice and rats can become a good option. You can get feeder rodents in your local pet shop. You would need to thaw them in beforehand. The ferret gets the whole deal in this case. The price can be $13-35 per 25-pack.

Breeding mice is a good alternative. It lets you save on ferrets’ diet. Meanwhile, you’ll need to kill the prey before giving it to your predatory pet.

What Do You Feed a Mouse?

Fortunately, mice are omnivores. Therefore, it’s much easier and more affordable to feed them. Mice eat virtually anything, including:

  • grains like corn or wheat;
  • seeds;
  • grass;
  • potatoes;
  • beans;
  • small insects.

Fruits would be good treats for mice. Pears, apples, apricots and bananas will disappear if the pests live in your house. Quite naturally, mice eat cheese but prefer sweets, including berries and peanuts. Do you need your feeder mice to be happy? If the diet should not be balanced, it even easier. Just give them food residues.

General Verdict

So, if you prefer whole-prey diet for your pet ferret, it’s a wise decision. It’s a healthy and well-balanced option. However, meat is to be served fresh. When you are busy, add dry kibbles. Don’t forget to leave drinking water available. Let you lovely ferret be healthy and enjoy playing with your lovely pet!

But the easiest option is to find the right quality food for ferrets. The composition of such products is already properly balanced by the manufacturer for your pet.

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