How Often Should You Bathe a Ferret

How Often Should You Bathe a Ferret?

The ferret is a curious and active animal. If you follow ferret grooming correctly, it will be gentle and loyal to its owner. However, this furry creature belongs to the category of predators. So, every homeowner should know all the nuances of keeping it at home, right? One of the important points is ferret bath time. This fluffy handsome creature is neat. Although without bath days, you will soon feel an unpleasant odor in the apartment. So, I will tell you in this article how often should you bathe a ferret. Also, you will learn how you must do it, and the main rules and features.

Features of Ferret Bathing

Bathing is not a very difficult task. But some owners find it hard to even cope without an assistant. Since the little creature maybe will resist. It all depends on the nature of the animal and how well you follow the rules.


According to research by the School of Veterinary Medicine, you don’t have to bathe a ferret regularly. The washing is not a sublime occupation for such animals. After all, water will lead to dryness, itching, and so on. Scientists advise bathing your pet once a month. I wash my little friend when I smell something strange odor.

Features of Ferret Bathing

I give you some rules on how to bath a ferret:

  • The frequency of bathing usually depends on the condition of the ferret fur, the degree of dirt.
  • You can use the bathroom or even the kitchen sink. Pour enough water. But remember that the animal must reach the bottom with its paws.
  • Bathing water should fit the body temperature of the ferret (38-40 degrees).
  • Prepare special cleansing shampoo for ferrets. They will eliminate the unpleasant odor, as well as make the coat soft and silky. I never use cats, dogs, or human detergents. They can cause skin problems in animals. I also advise you to buy only specially intended things. Sometimes I don’t have a specific product. So, I take baby shampoo. It is not harmful to the animal.
  • Carefully, without frightening the animal, scoop water with your palm and moisten its fur without touching the muzzle.
  • Prepare various toys. Ferrets love to play in the water. Thus, the creature will forget about fear.
  • It is inadmissible to get shampoo in the eyes or nose of an animal. If such trouble still happened, immediately and very carefully rinse them with warm, clean water.
  • Do not wash females if they are carrying offspring or feeding babies.
  • You can prepare a ferret oatmeal bath. I put the oatmeal in a bag and immerse it in water until it becomes muddy from the porridge. My friend’s fur becomes soft and tender after such a procedure.
  • Rinse the fur very thoroughly with clean water. Otherwise, the remnants of soap or shampoo can cause allergies.

Additional Procedures after Bathing

Some pet owners say they don’t bathe ferrets at all because the animals comb their fur like cats. Other people do the procedure very rarely, about once time every 6-8 weeks. There are many different opinions regarding bathing ferrets. You can read it on the Reddit.

However, in addition to the bath, you need to know a few other procedures. I always do them in the period after washing. I have compiled it in a table with some recommendations.

DryingAfter taking water treatments, the animal may catch a cold.
So, quickly wrap it in a towel and wipe off any remaining water.
Nail TrimmingCarefully cut the sharp claws with special tongs.
Do this procedure more often than bathing.
BrushingComb the fur with a comb or massage brush.
It will be fun and will provide good fur care.
Cleaning Ferret EarsBe sure to clean the ears when washing.
You will protect the animal from infection.
You can take cotton swabs and a specialized solution.
Cleaning TeethClean the teeth of your pet.
Take a specialized toothbrush or even gauze.

I would like to draw attention to another common mistake that ferret owners often make. As far as I know, not all people use specialized tools. One day my acquaintances asked me, can you bathe a ferret with dish soap. You must understand that some non-specialized products can be dangerous for your pet. Various unsuitable shampoos can harm animals.

Also, be sure to close the ferret after bathing in its cage. Before that, of course, lay a lot of towels there. If you are a beginner, you should know one thing. The animal becomes very excited after water treatments. It will try to run around the apartment like crazy to dry the fur. To prevent it from getting dirty again, I would advise you to put it in a cage.


And Finally

I know that not all animals like to swim. So, you should treat your pet with care and understanding. Do not wash an animal very often. It, like a cat, does not like water too much. Believe me, that washing isn’t a complicated procedure. However, it requires caution and patience. Do not harm your pet in a hurry. You need to accustom it to the water gradually to avoid stress.

Choose the right products, dry shampoos, and deodorants. They are, of course, needed. It is better to buy them in veterinary pharmacies or pet stores. You can prepare homemade ferret shampoo using essential oils, etc. You can arrange bath procedures once a month. It is better to clean in its cage more often. You’ll remove the extra stench from the room in a similar way. So, if you have a fun, agile pet like a ferret in your home, be sure to take note of the rules above.

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