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How to Potty Train a Ferret?

how to potty train a ferretFerrets are smart and affectionate companions. Although they might be harder to train than cats or dogs, they are still rather tamable. Above all, how to potty train a ferret to simple actions? With patience and consistency you can teach your favorite pet to perform lots of things – from cuddling to pooping in a litter tray. Fortunately, there is no need to figure all that out by yourself. Ferret owners community has gained some valuable expertise on various aspects of living with these amazing animals. In this article we are going to share with you some of the most curious ones. Whether you are planning to adopt a ferret or want to improve your experience with a pet you already live with, this article will be very useful for you.

Are Ferrets Easy to Train?

These animals are incredibly intelligent, curious and communicative. They adore human company and love playing with their companions. With the best ferret toys, you have an opportunity to create a fun and stimulating environment for your little friend. Through play, you can teach your pet many tricks and useful behavior patterns.

Many owners succeed in teaching their pet ferrets:are ferrets easy to potty train

  • to shake paws;
  • sit;
  • cuddle;
  • roll;
  • come upon command;
  • react to their names;
  • go to the potty.

Of course, there is a learning curve on everything, but your patience and persistence will bring along amazing results. Little tips will allow you to avoid mistakes and make your training experience as easy and fun as possible.

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Proper diet is the key

Healthy and well-nourished animals always eagerly respond to training. To make sure your pets receive proper nutrition, you should provide them only with the best ferret food. That way your ferret’s digestive system will always work the way it should. Which is not the least important thing in potty training.

What do ferrets like to eat? They are carnivores and prefer meat over anything else. You can replace raw meat with specially formulated ferret food. In any case, it is important that ferrets get most of their nutrition from meat and animal proteins.

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Ferret Diet List

ComponentProductPercentage of daily value
ProteinMeat, eggs, organs, meat by-products30-40%
FatPoultry fat20-30%
Carbs and fibersBeet pulp, corn meal, flaxseed< 3%

How do You Potty-Train a Ferret?

Potty-training is important from the perspective of hygiene and comfort. Ferrets are rather fidgety, you cannot make them stay in a cage for a long time. If not trained properly, they will leave their messes in places which they find the most comfortable. Do we need to say that you will definitely not appreciate their choices? Without proper training, you will soon find your ferret pooping all over a cage. Not much of a perspective, isn’t it? So it is highly advisable to start potty-training your new pet as soon as it arrives to your home.

how to house train a ferret

Do ferrets poop everywhere?

Ferrets almost never poop and pee in random places, although it might seem so at first. They prefer doing it in corners. And by saying “corners” we mean not only actual corners in a room. For a ferret that could be any more or less enclosed spot, such as behind the furniture or other nooks that an animal might find cozy. Once a ferret has chosen a certain place, she will continue going there regularly. Ferrets are rather cleanly animals and will never do their business where they sleep or eat. It is highly unlikely that you face a problem of a ferret pooping everywhere, but you can surely find your pet messes in the least desirable places.

How do I get my ferret to stop pooping in the corner?

If you notice that your pet keeps leaving droppings in a corner, instead of a potty, it is time to act immediately. First of all, make sure that her toilet is clean and easy to access. You can try diverting a ferret from a certain area by spraying Bitter Apple all over it. Animals hate this odor and will most likely avoid using that place as a bathroom in the future. But that can hardly be a long-term solution. Once an old corner becomes unsuitable, an animal will simply find another one. So potty training is basically the only thing that will keep your pet out of corners.

How to potty-train a ferret?how do you litter train a ferret

  1. Start with training your pet inside a cage. Attach a litter tray in the corner and allow your pet to adjust to it.
  2. If you notice that an animal has already picked a corner in a room, just place a litter tray there and see if she accepts it.
  3. Put a ferret’s poop that was left elsewhere back into the litter. The animal must understand where those things must go.
  4. Always keep your pet’s toilet clean and fresh. Ferrets never poop in the same spot if there is an old mess.
  5. Never beat or in other way hurt your pet if an accident happens. That is just mean and will only slow down the learning process.

Is cat litter bad for ferrets?

Choosing the right litter is a very important thing in potty training. Sometimes animals would refuse to use the toilet just because the litter causes discomfort. Moreover, some types of litter can be outright dangerous. So can ferrets use cat litter? Traditional clay-based litter is not appropriate for ferrets. Wet clay tends to sticks to the fur and becomes very hard to get rid of. The other reason why it is inappropriate is because ferrets prefer to wipe their bottoms on the litter. While they do it, wet clay can get into the anus and cause injury. Besides, some cat litters contain dust particles, which are bad for ferrets. If the animal breathes in the dust too often, it can develop respiratory problems.

What type of litter is the best?

You must choose non-dusty, non-sticky types of litter. The best litter for ferrets is recycled paper litter. It is cheap, safe and great at odor control. The second best choice is wood pellets (only avoid oily wood, such as pine or cedar). Corn cob is also okay, but it is rather dusty, which is not good.

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When training your pet to use a litter tray, arm yourself with patience and positive thinking. Remember, this process might take long, but it is certainly worth the effort. The bottom-line question is, “how to have a happy ferret?” When your pet friend is happy, she will do anything for you, even use a potty!

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