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How to Stop a Ferret from Biting?

how to stop a ferret from bitingDo you love your pet ferret? I am sure, you do. These animals are smart, playful, social. They are cute and curious. Pets should not be aggressive. However, it depends on the way you care for your pets and how you train them. How to stop a ferret from biting? Several common reasons cause biting or aggressive behavior. First of all, make sure, your playful, furry friend is healthy. Biting might be a part of mating ritual. So, let’s discuss what we can do. How to train our fun pets not to bite? I’ll try to discover how to define the type of biting and how to reduce risks.

Are Ferrets Good Pets?

If you’ve opted for adopting a ferret, it’s a wise decision. These lovely animals are:

  • quiet;
  • intelligent;
  • cute;
  • playful;
  • affectionate.

If you have some hours a day to play with your pet, it’s pure joy. Goof brings me a lot of affection. Get best toys for ferret, that are safe and interesting to play with. Quite naturally, these active pets are not for everyone. They might chew or swallow small items, get in furniture and try to escape. Don’t forget to proof of the room.

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Why Does My Ferret Bite My Feet?

These pranksters don’t make noise at all if they are in safekeeping and feel good. But they make a lot of mess, get in a cardboard box or steal small objects like toys. What do ferrets like to play with? I am sure they prefer other ferrets. They also like tunnels, hammocks, and condos. Your curious pet is extremely flexible. It might fit any small hole or opening.

Ferrets often put themselves at risk. Snooping around, your lovely pet might get hurt. They love swallowing small objects. This danger is grave. Best ferret food is also important to keep them healthy and avoid diseases.

What about human risks? I don’t think your amusing pet can do great harm to your feet or hands. Common human health risks are germs ferrets carry. They might cause infections and illnesses. Ferrets’ bites could be painful. What about their bite force? Let’s compare it with other, small animals.

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Do Ferret Bites Hurt?

AnimalSize, in.Teeth N.Jaw Opening, DegreesBite Force, psi
Tasmanian Devil22-254275-80124
French Bulldog12-144260-70180-230

Thus, we wouldn’t compare Tasmanian devil bite force with those of lion or crocodile. It just looks like a miniature bear. Being a carnivore, your pets naturally might bite you. They kill and eat small mice. Biting behavior is common for them. However, reasons for biting exists. It’s important to discover and solve them.

How to Discipline a Ferret?

Your pet is a very intelligent animal, as a result, do recognize their owners. If you play with your furry friend, he trusts you. Ferrets cuddling with humans are so sweet! They have flexible spines – handle them carefully. If you care about your lovely pet, play with him, feed the ferret properly, he appreciates it.

If your cherished pet bites, it’s not always a sign of aggression. This behavior could be caused by various reasons. You cherished ferret might bite you, because he is:what do ferrets like to do

  1. Young.
  2. Unneutered.
  3. Sick.
  4. Injured.
  5. Willing to play or communicate with you.
  6. Annoyed by strong smells or harsh sounds.

If you hurt your lovely pet before, he might mistrust you. Like all predators, they protect their territory and mimic their hunting behavior. Can ferrets jump? When your lovely pet is playful, he does a “dance of joy”. It means he is amused, feeling well.

An aggressive biting cage could be sick or feeling uncomfortable. Anyway, avoid toxic coating. Make sure the cage is spacious, well-equipped and ferret-proof. Consult your veterinarian.

When to Start Training?

Nipping or biting is a common behavior for this animal, all young pets do it. They don’t realize yet that it’s harmful. Adult representatives might just grow out of this habit. Anyway, I would research ferret training classes near me only as a last resource. It’s necessary if he has a negative experience in the past. If somebody trained him to bite, you ask for professional help.

What you need is some patience and consistency. Start training your pet when he or she is about 3 months old. How to stop a ferret from scratching the cage? Your lovely pet could be just bored. Pay him more attention. 2 hours of exercise a day is a must. Your pet is to use a litter box. Scratching in it is ok if it lasts for several seconds only.

How to Train a Ferret Not to Bite?

If the ferret bites, try to:how to take care of ferrets

  • distract him with his favorite toys;
  • scuff the ferret;
  • give your pet a short time out;
  • encourage good behavior;
  • discourage biting;
  • redirect your pet.

You know, what do ferrets like to eat. Give them their favorite treats if they don’t bite. Put some milk or a bitter spray on your fingers. Otherwise, give your pet a toy to bite. Don’t hurt the animal, and he would treat you with care.

What about the other ferrets? Now I’m thinking about adopting a new, female pet. I think Goof needs a mate. He shouldn’t be alone. Will he dominate, protecting his territory? Ferret biting other ferrets neck might be dangerous. It could be a sign of mating. However, if biting draws blood, young, female ferret would be hurt. She might even die because of blood loss. Therefore, I would like to take him to the pet shop in a travel carrier. Introducing a female ferret to him, I would watch his reaction.

How to Train a Ferret to Come When Called?

Using a litter box and avoiding biting are basic, essential skills. Now you can easily teach your pet how to do these necessities. These animals are very smart, inquisitive. They have a great capacity for learning. Teaching a ferret to come is a hard trick. It takes some time and patience.

  1. Isolate a ferret from the other pets.
  2. Hold a treat about a foot from his face.
  3. Tell your pet to come.
  4. Reward the ferret for approaching with treats and a lot of affection.
  5. Increase the distance and proceed with training.

It’s possible to use a squeaky toy instead of treats. Attract your curious pet by the sound. Train the prankster to sit on your shoulder, take a seated position, lay down or roll over. If you have some time, enjoy it. You are to practice the steps 8-10 times a day, and you see that it works!

Overall Judgment

How to train your ferret to cuddle? Some pets do love it. You can use a cuddle as a reward, together with a treat. Thus, if you care for your lovely pet, he shouldn’t bite you. Neatly train the ferret from the first months, but don’t hurt him. Make sure that he is healthy and happy. Your ferret loves you, showing his affection every day.

Rafael Wilson

Rafael Wilson

Hello, I’m Rafael. First of all, I would like to introduce my lovely pet ferret to you. His name is Goof. He is very smart and playful. Are you going to get a ferret too? Let’s discuss the pets’ needs. Which food and housing conditions are essential? Just read my blog and find the answers.

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