How to Train a Ferret to Use a Litter Box

How to Train a Ferret to Use a Litter Box?

All pets bring tenderness and joy to the house. However, any creature requires attention and care from its owner, right? You understand that, in addition to playing with a pet, we should pay special attention to the toilet. It is much easier if it is already accustomed to a specific litter pan. Otherwise, we should try very hard. Do not worry because these creatures are one of the few that you can get used to the ordinary commands and the toilet in particular. Ferrets, like other pets, respect cleanliness and freshness. Therefore, we must be ready to clean up the crime place of the animal. There is one particular question, which pet owners often ask. How to train a ferret to use a litter box? This process has its characteristics. I will try to open the veil of secrecy for you.

Types of Litter Boxes and Requirements for It

There are a lot of ferret litter box ideas. The owners even try to decorate the pots in every possible way, add vanilla scents. Such actions help someone to reach the goal faster. Some people try to teach a ferret to a cat pot. I suggest you consider the types of boxes to which you can train a ferret. And let’s try to examine what are the requirements for them. I gathered all the necessary information on the table.

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Cat box
with a net
  • You can fill any filler under a grid.
  • Wash filler often, at least once a day.
  • The ferret won't use a dirty litter box.
Filler tray
  • I would not recommend pouring too much filler.
  • For a box without a grid, no filler is needed.
Corner box
  • Its shape is ideal, your ferret will use such a litter box.
  • Do not take chemical detergents (specific smell of the animal).
DIY ferret
litter box
  • You can use a diaper or paper.
  • Change it often, so that it is clean and dry.

As for me, at first, I accustomed my animal to the corner box. I thought, also, how often I should change ferret litter. I exchange it when my ferret doesn’t want to go there anymore. I put such things in all corners of the room. Later, I left only one. If the ferret stubbornly ignores the litter box, it makes sense to try changing it to a different one.

Ways to Accustom a Ferret to a Special Toilet

Ways to Accustom a Ferret to a Special Toilet

You need to learn many nuances before buying things for an animal. Also, learn some information before the process of how to litter train a ferret.  Each creature is an individual that has its behavioral traits, character. Therefore, the owner must study the tastes and habits of the pet. The general feature of these animals is cleanliness. Watch and care for the animal.

  • Put a box in a cage. Also, cover the entire surface with rags, animal toys. It never goes to pee on its things.
  • Take another pot. When the ferret potty training in the cage was successful, I put another box there. And the previous one put in the corner of the room where the animal will walk.
  • Increase the area. By teaching your pet to utilize the litter box in the same apartment, you can increase the area to which it has access.
  • Clean and wash. Change the fillers and clean the litter 1-2 times a day. Otherwise, ferret stopped using the litter box.

Helpful Tips

According to research by Texas A&M University, you will be able to accustom a ferret to a pot. However, you need a little patience, especially with the toilet. Because some ferrets won’t use the litter box. So I will give you some more tips:

  • Some animals do not like to share their pots. For example, two ferrets or a cat and a ferret. So you have to take care of several places for two pets.
  • Ferrets love to pretend and deceive. So be careful if the creature went to the toilet.
  • The animals return to the marked spots. Therefore, if ferret pooping outside the litter box, then clean the place very carefully. After that, the pet does not find its specific smell from the first time. Take chemicals that animals don’t like to smell.
  • Even if you have already accustomed the ferret to the toilet, you must remind it and reinforce the skill permanently.



How to Potty Train a Baby Ferret?

Your first task is to accustom the animal to the toilet. It will be easier for you to do if a ferret is a baby. Try to observe after each sleep. So, you will quickly accustom the animal to the box. If the pet woke up and did not go to the toilet a few hours before, then he must poop for the first 10 minutes after sleep. Also, the ferret gets into a specific pose if it wants to go to the toilet. If you notice that, then carry it in a pot immediately.

What Do You Put in a Ferret Litter Box?

The modern market offers many types of filler. They will not harm the animal. So, you can use paper filler, hay in pellets, etc. Also, you can sprinkle the bottom of a box with vanilla extract spray. The ferret loves this smell and will run to the pot. Sometimes my pet has skin irritation. So, I don't put anything in the box. It is even more convenient for me to rinse the pot after each time.

How to Stop Ferret from Pooping All Over Cage?

Only training and then the habit will help. However, from time to time, you will notice ferrets poop in corners but not in an allotted place. After all, these animals don't have an instinct for pooping in the right place compared to cats.

How Many Times Does a Ferret Poop a Day?

The animals like to sleep for about 18 hours. It poops about every 3 hours. So, each ferret poops about three or sometimes four times a day.

What's the Best Spray to Keep Ferrets from Pooping?

I often use Spray by Marshall Pet Products. It copes well with bad odors. I utilize it in the box. Otherwise, you can also try smells that ferrets don't like. You can identify it by looking at the tastes of the animal. It can be vinegar, banana, and orange. If the animal goes to other corners, then you can spray with bad odors for pets there.

Why is My Ferret Sleeping in Litter Box?

I advise you to change the filler. Maybe your pet finds it cozy and comfortable. My ferret also liked to sleep in its box. I changed the filler, and it helped. You know, sometimes animals are unpredictable. As for ferrets, they are also stubborn and with character. So, often the owners have to make concessions.


If you own a ferret, then you now have a lot of responsibilities. Of course, the pet will be your cheerful and good friend. However, you should discipline a ferret, educate and teach it to different tasks. You will need a lot of time. And you also need to buy a lot of things: a cage, filler, and a spray with aromas, treats, and much more. You don’t want to have a problem with the toilet all over the house, bad smells, dirty walls, do you? So, pay special attention and time for training your ferret to the litter box. Understand all the nuances of taming and training. Follow all the tips, and you will succeed. I also taught my pet for a long time. But now, I have a reliable and good friend.

Rafael Wilson

Hello, I’m Rafael. First of all, I would like to introduce my lovely pet ferret to you. His name is Goof. He is very smart and playful. Are you going to get a ferret too? Let’s discuss the pets’ needs. Which food and housing conditions are essential? Just read my blog and find the answers.

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