What do Ferrets Like to Eat

What do Ferrets Like to Eat and Where to Get That?

Exotic tendencies seem to be present everywhere, not excluding pet management. Thus, more and more popularity is being gained by ferrets, small but dangerous predators. In fact, the latter generates the most crucial question for potential owners that they are not always able to answer exactly: “What do ferrets like to eat?” The given review is going to be commonly helpful in providing the one-of-a-kind pet with its typical diet.

What kind of food do ferrets eat?

First off, it is worth noting again that those lovely creatures are carnivores. That may sometimes shock sales clerks at pet stores, let alone the lay audience! In the wild, a ferret would hunt a variety of rodents, young rabbits, birds, and even small reptiles. That does not yet mean a need for buying a hamster per day, as long as the best solution is normally the easiest one.

Kinds of meat most likely for a home-trained ferret are as follows:

  • chicken;
  • turkey;
  • duck;
  • goose meat;
  • rabbit meat;

As for pork, it can only be a ferret’s food in case it is a speck because the animal’s digestive system is not adapted for rapid fat breakdown. Thus and so, its surplus is much likely to result in obesity.

Neither is it a good idea to focus on self-same food: for an active lifestyle, a ferret needs multiple sources of energy.

By the way, an essential component of their diet is chicken or quail eggs that provide additional protein. The latter is also present in dairy along with calcium critical for the skeleton. However, a ferret should not consume accredited or market milk, but only sour milk or cottage cheese.

Anyway, following all the above rules do not always guarantee high-quality ferret food. In order to ensure a well-balanced diet, the owner of a ferret that eats natural products should care about vitamins. One of primary importance is vitamin D. Nevertheless, it is only reasonable to give whatever drugs to a ferret having consulted a vet.

Best dry food for ferrets

best ferrets diet review

The foregoing instruction may appear not easy to put into action, especially, in case a ferret’s owner has limited access to natural products. If so, the pet has to be dry fed. Although that does not sound promising, such an approach frequently gives a chance for a good, if not best ferret food. The only condition is finding the proper response to the same question: what kind of food do ferrets eat?

As evident from the previous paragraph, a small predator needs several sorts of meat.

Therefore, those are an integral part of high-quality best ferret food. Generally, the acceptable composition is as follows:

  • 30% proteins;
  • 18-22% lipids;
  • no more than 3% fiber.

The vast majority of premium ferret dry food present on the local market does meet those demands, but it is not always available at pet stores. In this case, a possible substitute is a dry food for little kittens. To see whether the given kind of food fits your pet, watch its hair, appetite, and intensity as well as the consistency of dropping. On whatever abnormalities, consult a vet immediately.


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