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What Do Ferrets Like to Play With

Is your ferret playful? Goof likes playing very much. Therefore, I was worried about his mood and wellbeing. What if he feels bored? Does he miss me during the day? So, I wondered “What Do Ferrets like to Play with?”.

what do ferrets like to play with

What about Time?

I think the best ferret toys and accessories can help. Of course, I try to play with Goof every day. I try to spend several hours a day (or a night) playing with my ferret. These lovely pets do need playing, as well as training.

However, I do my business. My pet shop takes a lot of time and efforts. Do you work? I think, most people do. Therefore, I have to create a good environment for Goof. It is to be stimulating.

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Ferrets Activities Chart

Commonly, ferrets need some activities to stay fit. Some mental stimulation is essential, as well. Therefore, there is a minimum recommended time to remember.

ActivityMin. Time, h./day
Playing and interacting2
Being out of the cage4

Fortunately, the pets sleep 16-20 hours a day. Quite naturally,  best bedding for ferrets is necessary. Elevated hammocks or beds are suitable.

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How do Ferrets Play?

Do you like watching how ferrets play? It’s fun! They are so cute! These domesticated pets are really intelligent. Additionally, they stand out for long, flexible bodies. Commonly, they like:

  • running around;
  • dancing;
  • twisting;
  • bouncing;
  • leaping.

A single ferret would just run in and out. He would need some entertainment. Therefore, I am thinking about a pair or a mate for Goof now.

Do Ferrets Like to Play in Water?

Did you know that ferrets are illegal in California? The CDFW Department forbids having them as pets. What is the reason? The official one is that they can become a threat to natural wildlife. Would you let your pet ferret out? It would be a crime.

But, what about the climate? Can it be too hot? Actually, the good domestic temperature for ferrets is about 65-70°F. Do you live in a northern state? Here, in Kansas, it can get really hot. The temperature can rise up to 90 degrees. Fortunately, it’s possible in July, only.

What to do in this case? I turn the AC on. Of course, fresh drinking water is to be always in the cage. What about bathing? It depends. For example, Goof doesn’t like bathing. He can splash the water. It’s commonly available in a large ceramic bowl. However, it’s messy. Do you think the smell gets better? Not at all. Therefore, a bottle of water is really helpful.

do ferrets like to swim

How to Play with a Ferret?

If you want, you can train you ferret bathing. If your pet is young, it’s possible. These perfect animals are really smart and interactive. They are highly trainable.

The fun things to do with ferrets may include:

  1. jumping;
  2. climbing a wall;
  3. playing on the stairs;
  4. throwing balls;
  5. tug of war.

You can invent a lot of games to play with your ferret. Just entertain or train your pet to use a litterbox. Teaching tricks like balancing objects, sitting, coming or rolling over on your command is also possible. However, you are to understand if the ferrets are playing or fighting. They can bite you just to turn your attention. So, be patient, gentle with your pet. You still can teach your ferret to bite toys, not your hand or foot.

happy ferret

What Kind of Toys do Ferrets Like to Play with?

You can make some ferret toys by yourself. They are to be designed for crawling and tunneling. Newspapers, empty milk jugs, socks, and gloves can be used. Cardboard boxes and ropes are essential.

Ferret kits for playing may include:

  • plastic balls;
  • cylindrical tubes;
  • PVC tubing for tunneling;
  • cotton ropes;
  • plastic or rubber rings.

Can ferrets play with cat toys? Commonly they do. Fabric-covered ones are suitable. But the toys are to be completely safe. The danger of swallowing small parts is to be eliminated. Ferrets playing with toys are to be completely secured.

Meanwhile, what ferrets like to play with, are your shoes, hats, and slippers. Your pet can get destructive. So, just try to store the objects beyond the reach of your pet.

Cat and Ferret Playing Issues

Now I don’t have other pets, but for Goof. It could be a bit hard. Actually, ferret and cat can live in peace. If the ferret doesn’t bite the cat. If the can doesn’t attack the ferret. The pets can play together. It can be even funny. What if a war happens? The chase can last for hours. In case of danger, the cat would escape. Do you live in an apartment? Is its space limited? Just close the door when the ferret is out of the cage.

Do dogs and ferrets get along?

Ferret and dog playing are not common, anyway. Ferrets are cunning and fearless. They would like to investigate the dogs. However, your pets wouldn’t like each other. Ferrets commonly ignore dogs.

dogs and ferrets

A big dog playing with a ferret could be friendly. If the small pet doesn’t steal the toys, the big one wouldn’t hurt it. The dog would try not to step on the ferret. Finally, the smaller and more flexible animal would hide somewhere. A smaller dog that is a hunter by nature can hurt the animal. Separation could be necessary. However, you are to train both pets to interact safely.

Videos of ferrets playing

Final Judgment

So, if you decided to get a ferret, you are to play with your pet. He or she would need some time, attention and patience. However, what fun and joy!

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